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You cannot login to Pearson VUE Connect until after you have configured your Password and Security Questions. You may configure your security questions and password in Connect, Site Manager, Registration Manager, or the VSS website.

  1. Navigate to the Pearson VUE Connect URL https://connect.pearsonvue.com/Connect/#/authenticate/login. The Connect Login page appears. Connect Login page.

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As a best practice, you may want to bookmark the URL so you can easily access the Pearson VUE Connect applications.


  1. Select the desired language for the user interface from the Language drop-down list. Select the language to display in Connect. You may select Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, or Korean.

  2. Enter your test center Username, Password, and Site ID and click Log In. Login to Connect portal.

  3. If the Two-step verification page appears, click Request a new code. Request a two-step verification code.

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In order to login to the Connect portal, you must provide your Username, Password, and Site ID, as well as a system generated Verification code. The new verification code is only valid for 24 hours. If you do not use the verification code to login to Connect within 24 hours, the code expires and you must request a new code.

Every user must have a verification code for each browser on each workstation where the Connect portal is launched.


A message appears notifying you to check your email for the verification code. New verification code sent message.

  1. Locate the Verification Code email that was sent to you. Copy the Verification Code. Verification code email.

  2. Go back to the Two-step verification page and paste the Verification code in the field and click Verify.

  3. You are notified that you are setting your language preference. Click Continue. Set language preference message.

If you previously logged on to Connect with a different language, you are notified that you previously logged in with a different language and the language you selected will now be the default language. Click Continue. Reset language preference message.

  1. The Connect portal landing page is displayed. Connect landing page.

  2. If you enter an incorrect username, password or Site ID, a Login Failure message appears. Correct the Username, Password, or Site ID and then click Log In again. Unable to verify login credentials message.

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If you forget your password or if you incorrectly type your password, you have a maximum of 5 login attempts before the system will lock you out. On the sixth incorrect attempt, a message states that you have exceeded the maximum number of login attempts. Exceeded max login attempts message.

You must reset your password. Use the password reset option to reset your password. See Forgot or Reset Password. If you have any trouble resetting your password, contact your Site Manager System Administrator or VSS Support Contacts for assistance.